About Siveen Instruments

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About Siveen Instruments

Paul Evans is the luthier behind Siveen Instruments and has been handcrafting flattop mandolins for over 10 years. Each instrument is solely crafted by Paul with no use of cnc machinery so care and attention to detail is given to each and every instrument. Most of Siveen timbers come from North America and only the finest tonewood and grades are used on standard and custom models. Paul also builds octave mandolins and bouzoukis. The custom models are the same size as the standard models but with different timbers. One off custom models of different sizes are available by request. Paul also offers three styles of head stock shapes, rounded top, cutout top and up swept. Final Spray finishes are available as a satin finish or a matt finish.

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With an ever increasing market for quality hand made instruments Paul Evans has introduced the ‘Celtic Spirit’ range which is a ‘no frills but all the trills’ mandolin. They are exactly the same build as the fancy custom models and sound the same but basically don’t have the fancy trim added. They are incredible value for an Irish hand crafted instrument and in my opinion the best currently on offer from any European maker, even the machine heads are top quality geared type. Have a listen to Stevie Dunne trying out the new Celtic Spirit mandolin


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