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Buying a Banjo from Pure Banjo.Epiphone Bandmaster and langstile N0.3

With over 20 years experience setting up, repairing and restoring vintage banjos I am confident that you will be pleased with your purchase. The banjo does not leave my workshop until I am 100% happy with how it is setup, including intonation, action and playability. I also don’t mind if a customer tries out the instrument at home for a week before making any discision, and I always offer a free setup after 6 months to see if the instrument is still playing as it should.

I’m based in Lisburn, outside Stoneyford and can be contacted by mobile 07854061995 Email:

Trade in’s welcome

To ease the costs of buying a vintage banjo, part exchanges are welcome at Pure Banjo. The trade-in may include any of the following

  • Far Eastern made beginner tenor banjos
  • Vintage tenor banjo (condition is not an issue as it may still be worth some value in spare parts)
  • Mandolins (flatback)
  • Vintage banjo parts i.e. geared tuners, tail pieces, tenor banjo necks, rims, tonerings, vintage banjo cases, etc.

I will examine whatever instrument or parts you have to offer against purchasing one of my instruments. The part exchange will be at my discretion, if the instrument you wish to trade-in is beyond repair or the parts will be of no value to me then I will unfortunately have to decline the exchange. On a plus note you may be surprised at the value of some vintage parts!

Banjos For Sale
Mandolins For Sale
  • Siveen Celtic Spirit Mandolin (For Sale)
Other Stringed Instruments
Previously owned Banjos


Preparing For Sale
  • Samick 19 fret tenor banjo (with flathead tone ring)
  • Framus (black edition) 19 fret tenor banjo
  • Vega Vegaphone Tenor Banjo 19 fret
  • Epiphone Style A short scale Tenor Banjo
  • Vega Vegavox Tenor Banjo 19 fret
  • Bacon & Day Super N0.2 Tenor Banjo with silverbell tone ring
  • Paramount Style C Tenor Banjo
  • Bacon & Day Silver Bell N0.1 Tenor Banjo
  • Lange Triple X 17 Fret open back Tenor Banjo
  • Sully 17 Fret Tenor Banjo (maple) with flat head tone ring


If interested in any of the above banjos I am preparing for sale drop me an email to express your interest.








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