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Paul Evans is the luthier behind Siveen Instruments and has been handcrafting flattop mandolins for over 10 years. Each instrument is solely crafted by Paul with no use of cnc machinery so care and attention to detail is given to each and every instrument. Most of Siveen timbers come from North America and only the finest tonewood and grades are used on standard and custom models. Paul also builds octave mandolins and bouzoukis. The custom models are the same size as the standard models but with different timbers. One off custom models of different sizes are available by request. Paul also offers three styles of head stock shapes, rounded top, cutout top and up swept. Final Spray finishes are available as a satin finish or a matt finish.

See below for the Siveen range…

  • Celtic Spirit mandolin
  • Small body mandolin
  • Large body mandolin
  • Octave mandolin
  • 10 String mandolin
  • Bouzouki

With an ever increasing market for quality hand made instruments Paul Evans has introduced the ‘Celtic Spirit’ range which is a ‘no frills but all the trills’ mandolin. They are exactly the same build as the fancy custom models and sound the same but basically don’t have the fancy trim added. They are incredible value for an Irish hand crafted instrument and in my opinion the best currently on offer from any European maker, even the machine heads are top quality geared type.

The Celtic Spirit

The Celtic spirit is the best value totally hand crafted mandolin in Ireland retailing at 699€ these mandolins offer great sound, build quality, and playability.  Each hand crafted mandolin is totally bespoke to your order, made from imported American solid timbers giving you the customer a choice of wood builds. As an example you can have a Celtic Spirit with western red ceder top, walnut back and sides and black tuners. Or you can have a cedar top with mahogany or sapele back and sides and black or gold plated tuners. Upgrades are also available at a minimum cost using more expensive woods  i.e. cedar top with walnut back and sides (50 euros extra) western red ceder top with maple or rosewood back and sides (100 euros extra).

Small Body Mandolin

The small bodied ‘A Style’ mandolins are available in two models, ‘Little Beast Standard ‘ and ‘Small Bodied Custom’. The Little Beast is made from solid adirondack spruce, back and sides, 3 piece maple and sapele laminated neck, rosewood fretboard ( zero fret)  13- 7/8 scale length, 32 mm bone nut,  Quality gold geared tuners, standard tail piece.  Neck reinforced with carbon fibre truss rod. A powerful loud sounding thin body with a strong bass, a great session mandolin thats suits all styles of music, oldtime, jazz, Irish & bluegrass.

The Custom model is made from top wood mastergrade adirondack spruce top, and a choice of quilted or flamey maple back and sides. Ebony fret board, (zero fret) 32 mm nut, 3 piece maple and sapele laminated neck and a carbon fibre reiniforced truss rod. The tail piece is specially hand crafted from ebony and brass and has quality gold geared tuners fitted as standard. The Custom model is available as an oval sound hole or round sound hole.

Large Bodied Mandolin

The large bodied ‘A Style’ mandolins are available in two models ‘Large Body Standard’ and ‘Large Body Custom’. The ‘Standard’ model is crafted from top wood adirondack or engelmann spruce back and sides and sapele and maple 3 piece laminated neck. Rosewood fretboard 13-7/8 scale length (zero fret), 32 mm bone nut, quality gold geared tuners, quality hand made brass tail piece. Neck is reinforced with carbon fibre truss rod. Widest point on the body 11-3/4 wide.

This mandolin has great depth, warm and loud sounding, excellent for irish music. Tail piece accepts ball end strings.

The Custom model is made from top wood master grade adirondack spruce, and a choice of quilted or flamey maple back and sides. The neck is made from laminated 3 piece maple and sapele. Bindings choice, wood or faux tortoise shell, ebony fretboard (zero fret),  32mm bone nut, hand made ebony and brass tail piece, Quality gold geared tuners. Neck is reinforced with carbon fibre truss rod. A bit brighter sounding than the standard model, has plenty of depth. Loud and an excellent mandolin for Irish music.

Octave Mandolin

Top wood master grade adirondack spruce back and sides, 3 piece laminated sapele and maple neck, rosewood fretboard ( zero fret), 34mm bone nut, 21″ scale length, neck is reinforced with two way adjustable truss rod, hand made brass tail piece, quality gold geared tuners, strong sounding, plenty of bass, with depth and warmth, great for chording or melodies, also available with an oval or round sound hole.

10 String Mandolins

10 string mandolin, tuned CGDAE. You have both mandola and mandolin in one instrument, german spruce top, select walnut back and sides, ( other timbers available) 3 piece mahogany and maple laminated neck, carbon fibre reinforced truss rod, ebony fret board, 37mm nut width, Gold geared tuners with bronze coloured buttons,  hand crafted brass tail piece.


Pickups can also be fitted to your Siveen handcrafted instrument at the time of build for as little as 50 euros up to 150 euros.


  • Celtic Spirit Mandolin & Octave Mandolin
  1. Celtic Spirit mandolin €699
  2. Celtic Spirit Octave mandolin from €899
  • Small body mandolin
  1. Little Beast Standard €799
  2. Custom Small Bodied €899
  • Large body mandolin
  1. Large body Standard €950
  2. Large body Custom €1100
  • Octave mandolin
  1. Standard Octave mandolin €1200
  2. Custom Octave mandolin €1350
  • 10 String mandolin
  1. 10 string standard €1300
  • Bouzouki
  1.  Bouzouki €1400

How to order

please me with any inquiries you may have and I will answer you as soon as I can, you can also reach me by mobile 0044 7854061995. A deposit of €200 (postal order, bank draft, bank transfer) will secure an order for any of the instruments and final balance paid 1 week before being collected or shipped to customer. The turn around time for orders at present is approximately 4-6 weeks

Please note instruments do not come with a custom case, they can be purchased from various dealers worldwide. All instruments can be shipped world wide and will be bubble-wrapped then safely and securely packed in a hand built plywood coffin type case. This will then go inside a cardboard outer case.



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